Crearoma ULV Cold Fogger For Sterilization
2020-4-28 14:57:45
Crearoma ULV Cold Fogger For Sterilization

Good news

Machines for space anti-virus have been developedthere are three models

Battery ULV cold fogger -- Stream1

1. Powerful Battery Operated

2. Different size nozzles (10-150um), precious droplet

3. Module design and rubber handle

4. Large spraying effective area , good spraying performance

Electric ULV cold fogger -- Stream2

1. Unique hose and convenient switch design.

2. High efficiency spraying,save solution and labor.

3. Rotating sprayer without any blocking .

4 . High-power motor,high speed spraying

Knapsack Battery ULV cold fogger -- Stream3

1.Powerful Battery Operated

2. Knapsack type, easy to handle

3. 8L large capacity suitable for large spraying effective area

4. Module design,rubber handle ,more comfortable

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