How to Scent your Space?
2021-7-23 17:25:56
How to Scent your Space?

Are you bother the smell of your around?

Do you know how to choose the most suitable machine for your home or office?


Recently, Crearoma developed many new aroma scent diffuser , but which model is the best choice?


Please choose the aroma diffuser according to the following points:


1. Scent coverage: it depend how large area do you use the scent machine for?

2. Do you need connect Air conditioning system?

3. Wall mounted or portable?


We also have many kinds of fragrance oil for these scent diffuser.


ND-300 is the commercial aroma diffuser, it can use for some brand store.

Polaris is a delicate aluminum aroma diffuser, it can use for living room, office etc,

Fairy is battery operated aroma diffuser, it is a perfect machine for washroom, elevator, public toilet etc.




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