How to do custom scent diffusers with Crearoma?
2021-12-17 17:50:03
How to do custom scent diffusers with Crearoma?

As everyone knows that Crearoma is a professional scent diffusers manufacturer which has its own professional sales team, research department, factory, QCs department and after-sales service team. That makes clients very convenient to do custom projects with Crearoma.


Procedures are as below:

1. Tell the sales you contact with about your detailed requirements,such as :

Where are you going to use it?

What materials do you want ? A plastic diffuser or a metal diffuser?

What capacity do you want ?

What scent coverage do you want it to be ?

What function do you need?

Button control or remote control or both? WIFI & Bluetooth & 2G & 4G?

2. If you have ideal design, it would be better for you to share it with sales. Will get our team to gather around to figure out the best function to make it true.

3. After examined the project, we will provide you the options and prices with details.


We have done many custom projects these years. They all be tested by the scent marketing and  turns out great.

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to do custom projects with Crearoma.


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