The candle is a kind of to a more traditional way of living fish. In the quiet of the night, or the need to create a romantic atmosphere, the candle is one of the indispensable embellishment, beating the flames and diffuse fragrance, arise spontaneously warm feeling, the fragrant, nervous and busy life release. Can be placed in the office and residence of any ideal place, is one of the most popular in Europe and the United States incense way. The candle in modern life is not simple for the solution of "immediate" urgent, it is an indispensable element of life embellishment atmosphere.
DIY candle comes out of curl can play spirit relaxation effect, moreover, it can purify the air, eliminate the bacteria in the air, but also become a catalyst for life, navigation lights riches. Aromatherapy candles with the sunshine bus "DIY candles aromatherapy shop business plan," launched in China began to slowly prevail.
For people in developed countries, candles have become a way to adjust the taste of life. 96% of them feel that such a low cost to create a relaxed environment is very affordable, but also very new fashion. Different styles, fashion and warm candles is no longer a lighting tool, and used to observe and appreciate, change the atmosphere at home, aromatherapy, creating a fragrance, etc.......


Capacity: 115g
Specification: L59*W59*H111mm
Packing box size: L71*W71*H124mm
Material: soybean plant wax, glass, edible essence, cotton

1, to ensure that the use of non flammable and explosive dangerous goods, away from the plug and power port.
2, to ensure the presence of adults during the use, in order to avoid the occurrence of children fall and the occurrence of unknown hidden fire safety hazards.
3, the scented candles containing food fragrance ingredients, do not let the children out of curiosity accidentally swallowed.
fragrance oil, smell incense oil marketing,Fragrance, fragrance space
fragrance oil, smell incense oil marketing,Fragrance, fragrance space
fragrance oil, smell incense oil marketing,Fragrance, fragrance space
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